Well, not really a toy. More of an addition to my fossil collection.

Some of you may remember the posts I did on fossils and what not. They featured mostly fossils from the dawn of Cambrian life.

Well, this is my new addition.

Impressive, no?

What do you mean, "what is it?"?

Ok, I'll explain.

It's a Nemiana Simplex. And it's the oldest fossil in my collection. (except for my stromatolite).


This one pre dates the Cambrian age, and is between 650-540 million years old.

I have added a few fossils since I wrote the posts on them, but this is the one I'm most excited about. Ediacaran fossils are some of the scarcest fossils out there because of the types of creatures that lived. This was before life developed bones or exoskeletons. They were primarily nothing but soft flesh, and as such, didn't fossilize very frequently.

In fact, when Richard Sprig found the first examples of ediacaran fossils, (the story goes, he was sitting on a rock, eating lunch, and turned over a random rock and found them), paleontologists didn't believe they actually represented life. They said they were marks left by the waves, or it was actually a leaf. (it was a Dickinsononia) They should have known it wasn't a leaf by the fact of the rock formations it was found in.


Anyway, yay me! I know none of you care, but....so what. Yay me!