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New Landscaping Idea

I have a new plan for landscaping....

I decided it was time to mow the lawn. It had gone for a week, and then it got super-duper hot for a week and a half, so it was time.


I opened the garage door and checked the mower. Out of gas. No problem. I grab thew gas can and....empty. Phooey!

I go to the gas station and fill it, and I go in to pay wallet is sitting on me ounter at home. Aw crud!

I go hime, get my wallet, go back and pay for the gas and then go home again.

I filled the mower. I pulled the starter and.....promptly got stung by a hornet. Right in the arm. Ouchies!


I curse the now dead hornet. I begin mowing and, wow....some if this grass is long.

I mow for about 15 minutes and....dang! My arm hurts!

I pause and look. Theres a welt, but it doesn't look real bad.

I continue and, after another 15 holy hot dang! My arm really hurts!


I look again, and the welt is gone. But theres an ugly red dot where the sting happened, and a red patch os spreading.

I'm almost done with the back, so I keep going. I get the back done and then the side yard. By this time, about 45 minutes has passed and now.....oh sweet hopping savior on a pogo stick! My arm is really really red, my hand is going numb and saying it hurts isn't doing it justice.


So, I shut off the mower and put it away.

Fate was telling me, "don't mow the lawn today!"

So, I came inside and now, I have to finish the lawn tomorrow. But for tonight, I'm going to go back to being lazy.


Stupid lawn and stupid hornets and stupid fate.....

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