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New job, Possible Raspberry Pi purchase

So...For those of you who may remember, I was going through a lot of crap a few months ago with my old job at Cox Communications.

I got a new job 2 months ago, and am EXTREMELY happy here. It's one of those jobs where I'm actually happy to stay late and get the job done if needed, because it's 1) challenging, and 2) it's not call after call after call of people yelling at me because the previous people couldn't fix their problems.

I feel bad for most of my friends who I left behind, however - 8 days after I quit, they all were pulled in front of the head of Cox San Diego and told they were shutting down the call center where I worked. Apparently, I dodged one hell of a bullet...


Anyway, to get to the point of my new job - I have been told it would be a good thing to learn Linux. Problem with this is, I don't have a spare computer to throw it on. Sooooo...I was contemplating picking up a Raspberry Pi, because my understanding is that it is Linux based, portable, I can plug it into a TV with an HDMI port, and as a bonus, I can supposedly run XBMC on it.

So, with this in mind...Anyone have any recommendations? All I know about them is what I mentioned above. If I am wrong in these assumptions, someone PLEASE tell me before I pull the trigger in buying one of these toys so my wife doesn't say, "You spent $80 on some stupid GADGET that does nothing but stream videos? Couldn't you do that with the Apple TV you already have?"

(Also, if it DOES run Linux, I can legitimately write it off as a business expense)

Any opinions, suggestions?

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