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My Predictions for Apple today: Update

I'm not going to go into the actual hardware, other than to predict its what we heard, an iPhone 5s with the fingerprint technology and the iPhone 5c. My prediction is on the cost of the iPhone 5c, which I predict an unsubsidized price of $349. I would also predict that the iPhone 5 will no longer be offered, but replaced with the 5c. The 4s will then be the cheapest iPhone at $99 unsubsidized. The 5c won't be cheap, it will be mid-range in the iPhone line up.

Update: Well, I got 1 prediction wrong and 2 predictions right, sort of, but not really. The 5c starts at $549 unlocked and the 5 is no longer offered, sort of, if you don't count the 5c as a re-cased 5. I was correct they kept the 4s, but that's about it.


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