So, What Does Whitenoise Think?

Was this worth $0 and 25 days?

I can see the backlight from under the glass.

Illumination is down on two of the backlit buttons, too. (same phone on the left)

Gap is so wide, I can slip a post-it note in it.


Can even get a fingernail under the glass on the other side.

Same with the top. The whole piece of glass is sitting too high. It's almost like they used a thicker adhesive, or something.


The repair center that took 25 days to do this gave it back to me yesterday, and I'm supposed to take it to a Sprint and have them do it right.

I pulled all the data off the phone last night, and logged out of everything.

When the manager handed it back to me last night, he suggested that when I go to the Sprint Repair store to just hand it over and say, "There's something wrong with my phone, can you fix it?" and not disclose anything unless they ask.


Really? I'm supposed to just stand there staring at the floor while the tech looks at it and thinks, "Stupid people.... trying their own repairs.. If I had a dollar for everyone that claimed a bad repair was a 'broken phone'....." I think it would be better if I went in and gave full disclosure and said. "Please help me, this is exactly what happened..."

So, those of you that have worked at repair centers before... Should I disclose what happened with the sloppy repair, or just take it in and play dumb?

Will Sprint feel obligated to repair it back to factory tolerances, or will they take one look at it, and not want to bother with a hack job?

My First Whitenoise Post, and a Polldaddy test

I have been dealing with a local retail device repair outfit trying to get my screen repaired.

I went in yesterday after I was told it was "100% complete." When I picked up my 4.7" HTC device, I noticed that I could see the backlight LEDs between the glass and the bezel. Then noticed that the glass was easily 1mm above the surface of the phone. I was able to get my fingernail in between the glass and the frame and pull it out a little bit.

I'm guessing the adhesive was too thick, or they didn't replace it. If the glass was secured the difference wouldn't bother me, but since I can pry it off with my fingernail, I left it with them to fix again. Should I accept it, or let them send it away to their repair facility?

Please vote before reading more.


Now that you have voted, let me say that it's been 25 days of failed local repairs, shipping to and from a repair depot, missing parts upon it's return, ordering replacements from eBay, and a staff that can't figure out where it is until the fourth call.