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My Day at Mount Carmel

After 3 weeks of road tripping over most of the Southern US, I'm actually excited to be home finally! Whilst stopping for a couple of nights in Georgetown Tx, my friend Travis and I drove out to the site of the '93 siege waged by ATF agents on the Branch Davidians at Mount Carmel, Waco. It was quite a sobering experience that is hard to put into words. There was little left of the original facility, save the home-made swimming pool, some foundation remnants, and the unfinished storm and storage bunker now filled with water. There was also a semi buried piece of a burnt school bus that for whatever reason, my camera didn't capture, resulting in a severely pissed off me. There was a small garden behind the pool that a guy in a red hoodie and jeans was tending, and he eventually walked over to us cordially and introduced himself as Josiah, who was a member of the Branch. He offered to unlock the small church that was reconstructed after the siege to take pictures and to get out of the mid 20's wind chill (Northerners, hush). It turns out it was equal parts genuine kindness, and a chance to possibly score a couple of converts. He went through more of the history of the church and their theology than the siege itself, but he was super nice and the history was actually pretty interesting. Anyhow, it turns out they are still very much a communal society, and he invited us to join their community with the promise of zero land tax/no mortgage or rent, you simply only need to contribute a skill. Anyways, I wanted to share the album here for anyone interested. Hope you guys are all well and happy new year!…


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