Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

So this upcoming week, we're moving our office. I have to say there is pretty much nothing on this planet that I hate as much as moving. Having to pack things, throw things away, and then unpack into a space that is likely completely inadequate for the amount of crap you've collected over time. In my case, I'm moving from a nice shared office with tons of storage into this RIDICULOUS open floor plan that seems to be popular with technology types these days:


Now while my new space DOES have a wall around it so at least there's a moderate amount of privacy, I find it flat out ridiculous that this is how folks have chosen to go...and amazingly ONLY for technology people. The rest of the company has these nice spacious people? Naw, we get the shaft.

This of course leads me to thinking about all the ways in which I've seen our tech group get hosed over the years. When budget had to be cut, who's the first group to have to reduce spend? Technology. When people need to be let go, again for budget reasons? 2% company wide, 20% from technology. Add to that the fact that it's a truly thankless job: if everything is running right, we don't hear a peep - but do set ourselves up for layoff (since it's all working we're not needed)...and if stuff breaks, we're the idiots who let something break.

While there's other jobs that certainly suck more (waiting tables comes to mind, as does being an administrative assistant to a bigwig), I really can't think of another "group" that gets hosed nearly as badly as technology people on a year in, year out basis.

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