Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

This isn't about the surveillance state, but it's about surveillance!

You're cruising Gawker, you like a post, and you write a comment. All good. If someone responds directly to you or recommends, you get a notification. All good.


But we all know that doesn't cover it. We've talked about this situation before. There are conversations, that we may be *dying* to want to watch or participate, but we don't get squatola for notifications. So ... we do something else (because we want, or if I may be so bold, *need* to watch it.)

Question: how do you do it? What assumptions are going through your head? Do you monitor the post with a tab in the browser and then remember the response count, or do you write something down and come back to it later, etc. Have you got 50 Chrome jobs running on your machine?

Enquiring minds want to know, since the system, fostered to "facilitate conversations" ignores the fact that conversations occur around us, and not just to or at us. I'm looking for the predominate method that people use to overcome this, if they do at all.

Update: as far as I can tell from my single digit response set, we've given up. We've accepted the status quo, we've resigned ourselves to only hearing in the direction we're facing, gesturing with our fingers poking into the chest of our target in front of us to get their attention, ignoring everything else around us even though we know it's something very interesting. None of it by choice.


And my god, the funniest roll call won't get read by me, or the funniest comment, since going back in time is almost impossible. Once you hit a post, going back is almost impossible unless something catches your eye, somehow someway. Drive by blogging, baby.

Ah, what to do.

Thanks to all that responded and interacted on this. Was trying to figure out if I was missing something, and I'm pleased to say that it doesn't appear as if I was. Yay, me! Poor us!


Dirty Little Secret

There's something that I want to uncover in all this. I'm a component (small as it might be) of revenue generation potential for Gawker. The happier I am, the more they make, right? Adding value willy nilly 'cause I like to comment (hopefully sanely), reading Otter's crazy shit [sic] and chiming in, laughing at the human condition (and adding to it), all posting random shit that might attract others, etc. That's my "work." The best management focuses on letting or facilitating people to do their work. So here I am, ready to work, and ... there's structural issues in my way. I can't engage without spending more time and energy above and beyond the enjoyment factor. Yuck.


Analyzing the site using Chrome's tools, there's tons of performance things that could be done to help, but those don't matter much being technical and fixable with minimal changes. What matters is "doing my work" since that's what Gawker et al. would want me to do with my benefit being I get to enjoy it. Good trade in my mind. So, what would doing my work <better> look like? More lateron.

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