Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Moar Things To Keep Kinjatechs Busy

So, on the personal pages in NuKinja, we have the usual people (bless their souls) recommending us*. Sometimes there are a few of them. First glance looks pretty much like always.

You click the "9 others" and, er...


Huh? Any way to, I dunno, wrap that text or smart-expand that row or something because I'm not all horribly vain and stuff but it is a little maddening to have that tease of who's looking at you only to find them relegated to a dot dot dot existence. That's in Firefox and Opera on Windows here.

Also, menu in Private View just kind of floating in always-on-top mode, often awkwardly overlapping and requiring re-sizing. Like so:


(The overlap may be a function of that bitty-screen discrimination we were suffering from previously.)


And I know you don't care, but in Opera the pull-down buttons - the blue and the blank with red notifications number? They kinda don't work. Like, at all. Clicking notifications does nothing. Clicking the main menu takes you to the vanilla, non-private version of your own blog page. They do pop up descriptions on hover but the mouse can't find the mark. Can't compose. Can't go to your blogs. Can't log out. Again, I know you guys don't care about Opera but Safari folks have the same problems sometimes. Just putting it out there.

That's my what's what for now. Appreciative disclaimers in advance for your diligence and most likely migraine-inducing work.


*Appypollylogies to anyone I may have outed as being whacko enough to enjoy my foolishness. It's all in the interest of the common Kinja experience.

ETA: Yup. Safari's having trouble too, guys. (ThanxXyl0c41n3.)

ETA Part Deux: Looks like the word wrap-less notifications are in Chrome as well. (Probably universal.)

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