WOW, I'm sure a lot of people remember the "Bing It On" Challenge. Microsoft's hyper aggressive (and bias) attack on Google Search with its new search platform Bing. Those of you who got Google more than bing were prompted with a 'try it again' message, but if Bing was the victor you were asked to share your results with everyone else just to let them know you've joined the dark side. (see more about the bias)

Now theres Scroogled. A fullscale (albeit very well done) attack on Google, with an emphasis on Chromebooks. Microsoft has enlisted celebs from the popular Pawn Stars in this war right in time for Christmas shopping.

The site itself pretends to be promoting Google designed site (and I must say, its very well done), but does its best to trash Google's Chromebooks, Gmail, Google App store, Google Search, and Google's privacy in one big swoop.

AND if thats not enough, you too can join in the fun if you feel you've been Scroogled. All purchases from (which goes to the are donated to charity.


This may get ugly.
1 mistake I feel microsoft makes. Why not make this a time to sell microsoft products vs anti-google Products.


I will say, as a google fan, spider fan, I really like this Google-Spider!