Current Gizmodo Technology Editor Mr. Nuñez is on his way out of Gizmodo.

Mr. Nuñez has been at Gizmodo since January of 2016; for some reason his first article at Gizmodo was about space before he settled more into covering technology, which remained his usual area of focus. Mr. Nuñez’s pinned tweet is:

Which was one of several articles he wrote which explored how Facebook was attempting to manage a trending news module during a tumultuous US election year. One of these articles directly accused Facebook of deliberately choosing to “suppress conservative news” based on talking to one angry former employee, an accusation that several other former employees denied, but which quickly became a US conservative talking point. Faced with large amounts of partisan vitriol, Facebook drastically changed how their trending news module worked, almost definitely for the worse. Months later, another former Facebook employee directly blamed Gizmodo’s poor coverage of this issue as a motivator for that change, something which Nuñez appeared to fail to grasp he was partially responsible for.


So in short I hope Mr. Nuñez does not use his next job to create another fake news crisis.

Updated on June 9th because I noticed that he tweeted a photo of his framed copy of a New York Post cover that misquoted his Facebook story.


Yes, congratulations. A tabloid, among tens of millions of Americans, misinterpreted your article, and you achieved fame by temporarily making social media less good. Your fifteen minutes of fame were involved in causing harm.