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May I introduce you to Philosophy?

So I am currently taking an online intro to philosophy class, for elective hours... Of my limited options of what I could take, this seemed like the best. Why did it seem like the best? Because I am an idiot.

Stephan Hawking, whom I consider pretty smart, said once that "philosophy is dead." And I agree.


Here are my reasons why I hate philosophy.

  • Philosophers of history had access to less facts than we do now.
  • Like did those dude even know what a neuron is?
  • Google exists.
  • I've been sober for a month.
  • Using philosophy words like "metaphysical" or "post-postmodern neo-existential modernism" makes you sound like a tool.


And don't try to argue with me, if you try to defend philosophy I will reply with a GIF and embarrass you.


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