Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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Happy non-specific holidays!

In today’s installment of the Law Blog (law-like substance not guaranteed), I will be providing a brief list of recommendations for Bingeable Shows for the Holidays. Sure, this coming month might be filled with social engagements, holiday parties, and, worst of all ... FAMILY ... but you’ll probably need to re-charge your inner introvert with a little quality television watching. So, without further elaboration, some shows for every mood (I am not including the obvious choices like Breaking Bad or Stranger Things or any of the other shows you should have already seen by now):

You’re just too happy during the holidays, and you need something to bring you down.


Watch the Leftovers. (HBO Go, DirectTV Streaming)

The first season can be kind of an unhappy, lengthy slog. And the show doesn’t get any happier. But it does get weird. And it gets really, really good. One of the best shows that no one watched, and, perhaps, the best every series finale. This is a show that will stick with you for a long, long time. Come for the lingering depression, stay for the, “Woah ... mind blown.”

You committed a major crime, and need to hide out for a week or two.

Watch the Shield. (Hulu)

This show ran for seven seasons and 89 episodes. This isn’t a little binge; this is a daunting commitment. But it is well worth it. Yeah, some of the early episodes are already a bit dated. Sure, the plot meanders a bit in the middle seasons. But from the opening shocking episode, to the final haunting episodes, this was consistently one of the best shows that The Commish was ever in. Come for the Thing, stay for Walton Goggins’ breakout performance.


Crazy Uncle Bob is over, and you need to hide out for the day.

Watch Alias Grace. (Netflix)

Don’t let the strange name fool you; this is engrossing viewing that speaks to the time we are going through right now. Saying that it’s The Handmaid’s Tale, but less science fiction-y, does it a disservice; this is a powerful meditation on truth and gender dynamics served up in six episodes.


Plot isn’t as important to you as gorgeous cinematography, exotic locations, and polyamorous hot lovin’. Also? You’re okay without closure.

Watch Sense8. (Netflix)

A show that provokes many thoughts, the primary one being, “How in the heck did this get greenlit in the first place?” Try not to think too deeply about some of the glaring plot holes and leaps of logic, but instead concentrate on the sumptuous visuals and the general “everyone love each other” message which is imparted with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.


You finished the Leftovers, and you want to watch something equally depressing yet more realistic.

Watch Rectify. (Netflix)

Perhaps the best show that no one has watched, this is an amazingly acted meditation on what it means to try and integrate yourself back into society after spending most of your life in prison. Watching this show will fill your head with questions, questions that you will never be able to discuss with anyone else because, again, no one has ever watched this show.


You just want to watch something on Amazon Prime, that isn’t a recycled HBO series.

Choices! Here, you can go with a tastefully acted miniseries to get your House M.D./Loki on with -


The Night Manager

or, if you just need to see some more Goggins (and don’t feel up to the dark humor of Vice Principals) you can go with-



But if you’re looking for a truly off-beat show that managed to go under the radar, hear me now and believe me later, watch-


The Patriot

Watch the first episode; by the end of that episode, you will either have fully committed to the show, or you’ll understand that it’s not for you.

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