Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Lifted that fucker up. ETA: Success!! (Thanks orcim!!!!)

To replace the fuel pump in me pickup, I had to lift the goddamn bed.

Took several hours.

Much gender-coded swearing*, which makes me a Bad Feminist (TM).

Bed is lifted.

Muscles are sore.

This is what feminism looks like.


*Mostly, I said "son-of-a-whore" a lot. I feel bad about this, because I don't want to offend sex workers in any way.

ETA: Replaced the fuel pump. (NICE!)

Then, of course, the goddamn battery is dead. Jumping it now. : /

ETA: Charged the battery. Still wouldn't start. Orcim tells me, "yeah, you might want to reattach that ground wire, dummass." I comply and the thing is now idling in my driveway.


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