Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Laughs are to be had in the pan-Kinja thread!

Hey fellow Kinjians, welcome to the weekly pan-Kinja thread! Story is away due to a jewish holiday so I'm hosting this week. Let's all have a laugh, or a cry, or whatever you want. Either way, I've included a video that should make you laugh, especially if you're famililar with games like Call of Duty. People from Tay may already know it.

Also, please share this to (off the top of my head) Backtalk, Oppositelock, Observation Deck, Groupthink, Hackerspace and Tay. Did I forget any blog? Edit: thanks for sharing! I also understand from FlowerGirlXyl0c41n3 that we have a newcomer, welcome Clashtalk!


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