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Last Day to Get a Great Deal on Microsoft Services

Just noticed this in my email, and figured some of you might benefit from the offer: if you buy Microsoft Office 365 by the end of the day today ($99), you're given a year of Xbox Live Gold for free. This means the package now includes:

  • A year of Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote in this case) for up to 5 machines, PC OR Mac
  • 20gb of extra SkyDrive Storage
  • 60 minutes of Skype calls per month (to any phone number around the world)
  • Access to the iOS Office app
  • A year of Xbox Live Gold

Since this is normally $99 without Live, you could consider it getting Live for free, or you could consider it buying live and getting Office 365 for $40...either way, it's a pretty sweet deal and a great reason to try out Office 365.


Details here

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