Yesterday, the back half of my kitchen started getting a remodel.

Cabinets were torn down, and a counter was removed. Then, it was taped and the horrible wallpaper was painted over. Start to finish, it took about 4 hours. Had to do two coats because the wall paper was really ugly. So ugly in fact, the paint didn't want to cover it.

Today, the new cabinets were put up and a new counter was installed. The counter top is temporary. I'll be replacing it with the same stuff I'll be using on the other half of the kitchen.

We moved the refrigerator and microwave against the back wall, and that freed up a ton of counter space on the other side.

The first pic is after the first section of cabinets came down.

The second is with all of them down, and the counter removed.

The third is with it painted.

The last is with the new cabinets up, the new cupboard with a temporary counter top. and the appliances moved. The empty spot on the right is where I'll be installing pull out spice racks, and the empty spot on the left, under the microwave is going to get some bakers racks. I stuck the trash next to the fridge on the right.


Now, I just have to wait until the end of the month to start the rest of the kitchen. But when I'm done, all together, it's going to run about $500 for everything except the new sink and new counter top.

Why did I ever buy a house?