Have I got a delicious treat for you!

No, not really. I mean, I have a delicious treat, but I'm not sharing it with anyone. I'm greedy that way.

Instead, I'll share my kitchen progress.

As of now, I'm done until I get my counter top in. I bought the new sink and faucet combo yesterday, but didn't order the counter, because I wanted to double check my measurements. (I had the right ones, of course).

But I'll be ordering it tomorrow.

So the first picture shows the new cabinets in and the dishwasher back in place. There is a 8" gap on the right where I need to put a filler board, and then theres the section right next to the stove that needs a filler. And I need to put up a board to support the counter, but that will happen when the counter gets installed.


The second picture shows the old counter and sink put back on temporarily. I need to use the old until the new comes in.

But, even with the old, crappy counter and sink, with the new cabinets in, and the walls painted, it looks much better already. (notice I painted the outlet faceplates!)

And, so you can compare, I added the before pic.