MmmMmmmMMMmmmmmm! Doesn't that look delicious?

Don't you see foods like those pictured above and say to yourself, "I wish I could cook that."

Well, Uncle Otter is here to help you.

NO! BAD READER! YOU DO NOT WANT TO COOK THAT! BAD! BADBADBAD! *smacks nose with rolled up newspaper* BAD!


I know you will all be depressed to find this isn't a cooking post by otter. (Jebus....imagine the food I'd teach you to cook. My cooking show would be shown on 'The Non-Food Network')

No, it's an update on my kitchen.

It was decided to only do the lower half this round. I don't have exactly the cabinets I need to do the upper half, plus I'm lazy and want to enjoy a little bit of my vacation.


The first picture is shows three doors removed, before dealing with the plumbing and counter top. (The plumber who did this house was, and I apologize if I offend anyone with this word, but, he was retarded. Seriously. I think his IQ was so low he would fall into that category, medically.) It was such a bad job, there wasn't even shut off valves for the water. I had to put some on. And the drain pipe? it moves up and down. Seriously. About 2 feet. And most of the hoses were only finger tight. I'm surprised I didn't have leaks everywhere.

The second picture is about 4 1/2 hours later. Everything is out. Notice, if you will, the wood left around the drain pipe. Had to leave it, otherwise the pipe would fall down under the floor. And, do you see that long electrical cord? That's what powers the dishwasher. Notice how it goes off the the right, but notice how the box was installed with the cord coming out the top. (electrician wasn't too bright, either). That box is exactly in the wrong spot for installing the new cabinets. But, I can move it.


Anyway, tomorrow, I paint. I'll post more pictures then. But for now, I'm going to play some Borderlands 2 because I really feel like shooting something.

Speaking of shooting, when I was at the hardware store buying the shutoff valves, the gunsmith told me the gun I've been drooling over was on sale from $799 to $749. It's a Remington 1911. A real beauty. So, do I buy the gun, or paint......Also, the AR-15 I want is $100 off through Saturday. Damn it. I need to buy a sink and counter top. Don't put guns on sale you rat bastard!