Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

The QWERTY keyboard; began on typewriters, is a brilliant system and we've all gotten rather used it. Where did it come from though?
Some people suspect that a typewriter manufacturer used the QWERTY system, so that when their customers learned how to type on it, they couldn't buy any other product. They were locked in! Soon other companies used the QWERTY keyboard on their typewriters and now.. well here we are today.

The same is happening with our phones. We're being locked into screen size.

I myself went from an iPod Touch 3rd gen, which had the 3.5" display. Now I'm using an iPhone 5 and when I see the slightly smaller screen on the last generation's Apple gear, I can't use it! I think that my friends iPhone 4 is a midget and there's only half an inch in the difference.

Surely when people get giant Phablets for phones, they looks at my iPhone 5 and laugh!
Today the Galaxy S4 Mini was released, and it's bigger than my iPhone 5. The Mini is bigger than my full sized phone.

Now maybe the fact that Samsung realized that "there's a marget for smaller phones guys", proves that we're not all doomed to carry around tablets for phones.
I guess we'll have to wait.

Will phones that fit in our pockets become what ABC was to the keyboard?


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