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Jailbroken Apps of the Week

Here we are, back again to round up this weeks best Jailbroken apps!



First up, lets talk Smartwatches. Smartwatch+ is currently available in Apple's regular App Store.. so why would we mention it here? Well while both the jailbroken version and the vanilla version allow you to do more with your Pebble Smartwatch - it seems that the version on Cydia has a little bit more to it.

If you get the app from Cydia you'll have the ability to activate Siri using your watch, as well as see any recent text or missed call. Having owned the jailbroken version and switched to the App Store version (after the iOS7 Update) I can not stress how annoying it is not to be able to see previous texts.

The point of your smartwatch is to receive notifications, but there are plenty of chances to miss a text or simply want to read it again in full. Aside from this feature, the app itself is brilliant allowing you to control your music volume, your camera, view your reminders/calendar events and even make your phone ring when it's lost under the sofa.

Price: $3.99


JellyLock 7

Next up is a tweak to bring over one of the best Android features available, it's lock screens. Sure, the tweak spices things up instead of the usual slider, but it adds a huge amount of functionality too. If you quickly need access to your train times, or your calendar, then this is a must have.


It also works fluently with iOS7, so if you've gotten used to unlocking by swiping across the screen, you still can!

Price: Free



Finally, we have a life changing tweak. Apple's own animations look sexy and really compliment iOS7 - but they're still as slow as they used to be. This simple tweak adds a slider in your settings, allowing you to speed up (or kill all together) the animations. There's no delay when you unlock anymore, no delay when exiting an app even.


Once you try it though you'll think that everybody elses phones are slow and clunky, so bare this in mind if you have a separate phone for work.

Price: Free

That's all for this week, tune in next week when we talk about an alternative to Apple's less than feature rich 'Find my iPhone'. Oh and Happy Easter!

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