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Jailbroken Apps of the Week

It's about time that somebody started this, for those with iPhones of a Jailbroken nature. Sure, the App Store has some great offerings but there are plenty more great things on offer beyond Job's walled garden.

Kicking off this series are three well known beginner's apps to get us started:



Manage your files, all of them! Just downloaded a movie and don't know where the hell it's gone to on your phone? Watch it with iFile. Want to access the ringtone files? iFile too.

Comes in two varieties: Free/trail and paid. The latter allows for searching of files and is the more functional of the two.
If you know your stuff, you can find the paid version for free.. but we'll get to things like that later. [$4/Free]



The definitive theming add on. By installing this you're creating a place for all of the themes on Cydia to live. Once you download a theme using Cydia, it'll pop up in Winterboard allowing you to activate it. [Free]



Speaking of activating, do you remember If This Then That? It was a fairly popular app on the App Store last year, and still manages to help people use their phone in cool and useful ways. You can have it tweet whenever the weather goes below freezing etc. but it has it's limitations on the iPhone.
Activator is like IFTTT, only with the controls on your phone. Want to pause the music whenever you shake your phone? Or even open Google Now's voice command section when you double tap the Home Button (replacing Siri)? You can even use Cydia to download new things to affect - like certain apps (eg. Google Now).

ProTip: If you get a hold of a pal's Jailbroken iPhone, use Activator to mess around with his phone. Let's make the Home Button switch his phone off, and the volume buttons take photos. [Free]

That's this weeks Jailbroken Apps of the week, tune in next week for more. We'll gradually get less famous as the weeks go by, with newer apps getting featured more.

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