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It's Football Season! What is your setup?

Even though I played high school football, I'm much more of a baseball and basketball fan. However, OleMissStory135 loves her football so our late summer, fall, and winter will be dominated by football. That's fine with me since I like the sport well enough and I love to grill and BBQ.

So, let's talk the tech about our Setups. My Setup starts with DirecTV which gives me both the Sunday Ticket where I can watch my 49ers and she can watch her Saints and Bears. I also have the SEC network so we get full coverage of the disappointing losses that are inevitable for my poor Cats, and are more likely for the rebels than OleMissStory135 would like to admit. (I do have a cousin that recently graduated from UK and is attending Alabama Law school, she is the first person with a legitimate excuse to be the most insufferable type of fan, the UK Basketball/Alabama football fan.)


All of that football goodness is then pumped into my Denon 1912 receiver and the sounds are then pumped into my good, but not great 7.1 set of speakers and subwoofers. Visually, the picture is displayed on my recently repaired Panasonic 55" ST30 Plasma TV, where there is no motion blur. I also bring my 32" Sharp or my 42" Panasonic X14 TV's as a Red Zone Channel TV into the living room.

For non football related stuff, I have a Wii U so I can play Mario Kart 8, an Xbox One, and a PS4 so I can game to forget the latest Kentucky loss or be destracted during Rams and Titans games. I also still have the PS3 and Xbox 360 still hooked up if I have a desire to play BL2 or ME3.

Not pictured: my two charcoal grills and four smokers to get the best tailgate meat. I'll have pics soon.

So, what is your Saturday or Sunday setup?

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