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Is a dock that works with a case REALLY too much to ask?

OK I admit it. I'm lazy. I like being able to plop my iphone into a dock to charge it up instead of having to, you know, pick up a cable and put it into the bottom of the phone. I openly admit, this is the very definition of a first world problem but...would it REALLY have been so hard to make that plug 1/16 of an inch longer?

Let me go back a bit here. So I like iphone cases. I know, I know, "it's supposed to be carried naked" says gizmodo. I don't do it. I like cases that provide some protection but, even more, enhance the appearance of my iphone. I like to carry something that is distinctively "me". I also like using docks. With the number of companies out there cranking out cases, I am CLEARLY not the only one - so why in the hell is there not a dock out there with a built in adapter that can handle a case that has even a skinny bottom on it???


So the case that I typically like to use is the graft concepts leverage. It's reasonably priced (as fashion cases go), doesn't impact reception, and has a distinctive look. You're not going to mistake it for another case, and nobody is going to stand up at the end of a meeting and accidentally scoop up my phone:

As you can see from the image, the bottom has an opening for the charger, and openings for the speakers - however they're fairly thin: even the 30 pin to 8 pin adapter doesn't make it in there. Can really only use the original lightning cable. I also have the above pictured belkin dock - which would fit, if the plastic around the adapter were, oh say, a fart shorter. We're talking a smidge, not even enough that it should be worth MENTION...yet there it is. Cannot dock the damn thing.

So I tried a case made of silicone thinking hey, maybe it'll squish a bit and be able to sit on there securely. With that thought I picked up a casemachine (one of the cheapies, the slimline comp). The material on the bottom is quite thin, even "dipping" in the middle, making it presumably more dock acceptable.


Yes, if I jam the crap out of the phone, it will charge for a bit - but it's definitely not the satisfying docking experience that I'm looking for.


So I've been irritated about the whole thing and doing some googling, and I've found folks that make docks where you can actually insert your own cable, meaning that the height is adjustable. Unfortunately they've all got an awful lot of negative reviews...for example, the hirise:


Not only is it kind of ugly, but I really don't want to have to "two hand" it to dock and undock. I know that sounds lazy, but I take my phone in and out of it's dock 300 times a day...I want convenience here. I want the seamless experience that my old blackberry tour had (those charger ports on the back of the device worked beautifully with a dock).

I also found plenty of people that make "dock extenders" for the lightning adapter...but again, they all have very similar reviews. Statements to the effect of "it stopped working after a week" are very common, across the board.


I found the "Grove" dock and it seems to be what I'm looking for but, quite frankly, I don't care for the look of it, and I resent the living crap out of being asked to pay 99 bucks for something that doesn't even include its own cable. The video on their site seems to show it can work with just about all cases and can also be docked/undocked with one hand but...99 dollars for this thing? Seriously? Plus lets not forget I'd need two of them (one for work, one for home). I am not spending 200 bucks on a piece of steel and bamboo with no electronics in it. No way, no friggin how.


So is it just me having too much time on my hands and being a whiny bitch, or is this something that irritates others out there? I love my phone, but I HATE having it case-less. I just know that at some point I'm going to drop it and it's going to go ker-crack. I do not want that to happen, but I also want to keep on using my damn docks. Is it REALLY so hard to make a dock that will allow me to use a fashionable case? I mean, the belkin one above is'd be way greater if they had made the stupid adapter just a teeny tiny eensy teensy little bit longer...yet nobody out there seems to have one?

Edit: just also found this one - again, looks like it'd work, but 89 bucks? Hell no.


Suggestions gladly accepted, and thanks for reading my friggin rant.

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