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iOS7 App Redesigns

As many of you know, I recently made the jump to Android. But! That doesn't mean I've given up on the lovely iPhones that have been a part of my life for the last 6 years (I've been using WP8 for a while now too). As a developer who prides himself on flexibility, it is important to me that I have and understand all the major platforms.

With that in mind (and because I'm a beautiful-UI nerd), I'm gonna start a post outlining all of the apps who have seen an update for iOS7 (visually...not bugfixed). Feel free to include ones you've discovered in the comments...I'll try to get them into the main article at some point.

Without further ado:



From what I can tell, mostly just updated chrome. It doesn't look particularly iOS7 to me, but it's flatter, and that's nice.


Not really a refreshed look, but they've incorporated parallax into the section covers (not that you can see that from the screenshot). Fortunately, flipboard already had a more modern design before iOS7 came about, so if they ever do refresh the look, I doubt it'll be much different.



Here's the first full-on refresh I've seen that meets the iOS7 style guides. Very flat, very white, very nice looking.



Part their own thing, part iOS7, the Nordstrom refresh looks clean and functional.

Well, that's all I've seen so far, guys. Somewhat disappointing considering this was discovered out of 49 app updates (there were 2 Apple-provided apps that had new looks, but that's to be expected...also, not every Apple app has a new look yet...), but redesigns take time so it's also not surprising.


Have any new visual updates that are catching your eye?

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