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iOS 7 vs Cydia

There comes a time in a mans life where he has to make a decision. A choice. A possible lifechanger. This is one of those moments oh my dear brothers. Right here and now, I have an iPhone 5, jailbroken and happy as ever. I like my little tweaks. They bridge the gap. DietBar for more screen space, User Agent Spoofer for shitty mobile sites, Notification tweaks everywhere. However as of last night, there is now the long awaited iOS 7 (beta). It's the best iOS I've seen in terms of functionality thus far. It finally has things worth ditching the jailbreak for - not to mention the first true UI overhaul since..ever?

But there's an issue. I fear losing the jailbreak. My connection to the underground plethora of apps & additions that Apple has deemed unclean. And who's to say there will ever be another exploit? It took a dream team of iPhone hackers months to come up with evasi0n and I waited and waited and it was Christmas when it was released. I don't want to let go it's damn near sentimental AS WELL AS unique. But iOS 7 is like my birthday.


I've made a list. iOS 7 wins out. I have the dev account, the beta firmware file, the phone, the cord. But I can't upgrade. I've been sitting here debating for hours and I just don't know why I can't pull the trigger. I don't pirate apps and the only ones really worth keeping are almost useless in terms of everyday stuff (big LocationHolic fan here). It's the fear of losing control of my device maybe. That walled garden grows twice as high with an iOS beta. The Apple Store won't even service your phone if it's running a beta. I was turned away and told to restore back to iOS 4 in the iOS 5 beta days.

So what do I do? Little help anyone that happens to be reading this: tl;dr which is better- Christmas or your Birthday?

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