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iOS 7 - its installed. Now what? First impressions....

So, I installed iOS 7 on my iphone. It's shiny I guess...and different for sure. My first impression, honestly, is that I preferred the look of the old OS. The "flat scheme" doesn't do it for me, nor do the grey folders....which brings me to my first complaint:

Why, in satan's butthole, did they make it so that you can now put AS MANY ITEMS as you want in a folder, but each page can only hold 9 icons? In iOS 6, you were limited to one page, but could cram 12 in why the heck would they reduce that???

As for the moving background, I honestly don't find it anywhere near as interesting as I'd hoped. It's really not all that prevalent unless you're REALLY looking for it. I guess it's kinda cool in a gimmick sort of way, but nothing all that much of a "wow" as I had hoped.


So what DO I like?

Multitasking. Very much like. Being able to just swipe away apps instead of the whole tap and hold? That's nice - I like it a lot.

App Transitions - they look purty. Not much more to say on that.

Calendar on lock screen - thank God

Videos and Photos finally separated into different albums

I'm going to reserve judgement until I've really had a chance to play with it - I mean, there's a lot of features I haven't even looked at yet (camera for instance), but to me it's just not that earth shaking revamp that everyone has been chatting about. I mean, the stuff above that I like, I mean the stuff I REALLY like, could have been added without much difficulty I'd think WITHOUT having to do a whole new OS release, no?


What do you folks think?

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