While playing around with iOS 7, I discovered a feature that I hadn't read about anywhere yet...it seems to have slipped under the radar so far.

I popped open notification center and was greeted with this:

It's a bit buggy still (you can see the name is null...but that saves me having to blur the name for privacy purposes. A few moments before, it was displaying the name of my home city). I would imagine it pulls your home address from your contact card, except that (when it's working), it doesn't say "to drive Home", it says "to drive to [your city]", so I think it learns your commute and displays the data at what it predicts as the relevant time. This is a few hours before I'd normally leave, so it's either off, still learning, or preparing the data for me well in advance.

In any case, this feature took no input from me. I didn't have to set anything up, and it doesn't even seem like I have the option to turn it off:


It still needs work...but this is a brand new feature in a Beta 1 release. It disappeared minutes after I had it, so it wasn't of much use to me (hopefully it reappears soon, or at least learns when I depart work in a few more days). But it's worth noting that tapping on it took me to the "select a route" page in Apple Maps, giving me 3 choices for a route home and putting me a button tap away from beginning navigation (not that I need it once I see what route they've determined as optimal)


It's far from Google Now, but it's a step in the right direction. And that's exciting.