Oh this just sucks.

Storm damage in the towm where the school is. !/2 the town is dark. While the school has power, not all of it does. One of my server rooms is up, the other is down. Wired internet works, wireless does not.

I came in at 6:45 and opened my office door. (my office is one of the server rooms). Instead of it being freezing cold, it is hotter than hades in here. My AC unit quit. It’s about 95 degrees in here right now. I’ve shut down everything I can, (thank god theres no school today), but I have to leave 3 machines on; my main system, the HVAC controller, and the DHCP server. The 5 storage servers are off. So, not only am I saving on heat that way, but the jet engine fans are quiet.

Now I have to figure out the AC problem. The compressor comes on, but then goes off after 3 seconds. This means either the evaporator is frozen, or the wall outlet isn’t supplying the needed 10 amps to run the compressor. Sadly, either one is a real possibility. Right now I have it off to see if it’s just frozen. But I’m thinking it’s the power thing. Because the school isn’t getting all the juice we usually do, and the head maintenance guy said something about how we’re supposed to be dual-phased, but we’re only at single phase right now.

whatever. it’s hot and I’m leaving.