Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Today, congress will vote to impeach the Cheeto-in-chief. There is no doubt that the vote will pass. The articles will then go to the senate, where they will hold a trial and decide if the Circus Peanut will be removed from office.

Many of the GOP senators have already stated how they intend to vote, with some, like Bitch McConnell, have come right out and said they will not be impartial jurors, and that this is political, not a trial.

I now think I know why they are doing that.

Right now, Bitch is in charge of the senate. As soon as the articles of impeachment reach the senate, he looses that role, as far as the impeachment proceedings go. Chief Justice John Roberts will be in charge of the trial. Bitch can’t stop the democrats from producing witnesses. Roberts can, but I doubt he will.


See, John Roberts is conservative. But he’s also a life long jurist. He will not circumvent the law, (at least I don’t think he will), in this case. There is too much riding on it.

Now, before the removal portion of the trial starts, all senators must swear an oath to be impartial and wait until all evidence is presented before making a decision. This is a solemn oath, and to violate it is cause for removal from the senate.

The GOP knows this. A lot of them are lawyers themselves. By making public statements that they have already decided to vote ‘not guilty’, they will be in de facto violation of the oath they must take.

So, why are they doing it?

I think I know.

Because of their statements about how they will vote, even before the evidence has been presented, means they must either recuse themselves, or the ‘prosecution’ can object and Roberts can remove them from voting before the trial starts.


And that’s exactly what the GOP wants.

Enough of the GOP will have to recuse or be removed that it will give the dems a majority when the time to vote to remove comes.


And, it conveniently covers the GOPs ass. They can say they supported the president until the bitter end, and it wasn’t their fault Plump-Trump was removed. They will maintain the support of their base, maintain the fiction they support Trump, and the Bloviating Buffoon will be gone.

I was wondering why none of the dems were complaining about the stand the GOP senators were taking. I think it’s intentional. I think it was a deal struck between Bitch and Pelosi to allow the GOP to save face.


Anyway, I just felt like I had to write this down. I think I’m right, but I also thought the Vikings were going to the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, so....what do I know?

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