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I must be dumb...

I have a question for all you Mac gurus out there. If you're a PC, then I expect a) for you to offer no help whatsoever and b) to leave a snarkey PCs-are-better-than-Macs comment below. There's no reason we can't all get in on this!

OK, so the issue I'm having (well, OK, the TECH issue I'm having):

I'm attempting to make two external hard drives available wirelessly (which apparently isn't actually a word) so I can get my iTunes and iPhoto libraries off of my computer's hard drive. Before I attempt to connect to the external drives wirelessly, I figure I want to at least be sure I can point my iTunes and iPhoto libraries to the new location via a wired USB connection. So I get on my profile, cut the libraries over to my external drive, and point iTunes and iPhoto at the new location. Easy, right? Yup...not a problem! WIN! When the hard drive is plugged in the respective programs are fat and happy, I've freed up space on my computer's hard drive, and when I unplug the hard drive the programs freak out (100% as expected). So I know I'm good. Then I switch over to my wife's profile and do the same thing using a second external hard drive. Cut everything over to her hard drive, point the programs at the libraries. Easy, right? NOPE. For some reason, on my wife's profile, iTunes refuses to read the libraries on her hard drive. What's even weirder, is that suddenly, on her profile, I can't even get the computer to recognize when her hard drive is plugged in...which is discouraging to say the least since it was a matter of hours between when I copied everything over and it not being able to read the drive. Is there a profile setting that I'm missing? Is this a problem with that particular hard drive? Could this be something as simple as a bad cable? Some other dumb thing that I'm just not thinking of? Why would the computer decide to stop recognizing when the external hard drive is plugged in?


For the record, I'm doing this because I need to free up room on my MacBook Air. My wife has a substantial iPhoto library, and I have a substantial iTunes library. My poor MacBook can't handle one point memory got so scarce that it couldn't even process enough to display an image on the screen (as per the Apple Genius at the bar. No really, he was an Apple Genius at a bar. I was drinking with him.). So I need to put all the data on a hard drive (2 actually - to keep my wife and my iPhones syncing properly to their correct libraries, and my wife away from my hard drive...) to free up the space. I need to make it wireless because I've learned, through trial and error, that there is little more my wife hates than plugging in a USB cable each time to connect to her hard drive. So here I am.

Thoughts (and/or pro-PC comments) folks?

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