A rhetorical question that I've seen get asked quite a bit, something usually along the lines of "can we ever have a better descriptor than phablet?", usually posited in reviews of large phones and small tablets, may have had a decent and actual word instead all along.

Let's be honest here. We all knew. The second you ever heard or read that word, not only did phablet probably not sit so level in the mind, but that saying that word out loud would just never be cool. Ever. Even the attempted ironic coolness cashes in at best a quarter-eyeroll. So how do we undo this lackluster term? We reverse it.

Being a safe bet to say that when people buy a phablet, they do so for the benefits that tablets bring into the equation, and may actually use those factors more than the cellphone-side of things. So why isn't the lead in this equation the tablet? Why isn't that the denominator instead?

Tome. Instead of a phablet, we should call it a tome: "a book, esp. a large, heavy, scholarly one." Tome has far more fitting and intellectually prospective sense to it. Yes, I know, no M in cellphone, only in smartphone. And yet it's still more sensible & relevant though, given just how much knowledge and wisdom is virtually in the palm of your hand; heavy indeed.

So, yea or nay for tome over phablet?

§: Even though I've had whitenoise posting status for like ever, this is my first time posting; could a regular point out the rules if any about posting & linking to images?