Hello all! Since we here at Whitenoise just got a bump of promotion, I would like to start by reintroducing this weekly post. The title is "I Found It On The Internet..." These are usually just tidbits of internet that I find and enjoy. Sometimes its just funny things. Sometimes its outrageous things. Sometimes its just interesting things. I try to keep it light and don't post political based articles (unless they are completely satirical).

I also encourage you to post any links you may have found in the comments. The only requirement is that you keep the links Safe For Work and you don't bash on political/religious beliefs. We at Whitenoise respect and honor everyone no matter what their beliefs. If you are trolling to get a rise out of people, you are treading a path of getting banned. Trust me, we know the difference between trolling and disagreement.

That said, I have 6 links to share this week! I hope you enjoy them!

Because my younger years weren't filled with enough teenage angst.


satellite orbiting a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt.

When a town comes together


crazy russian photos! Always fun


This one is kinda boring, but it was an interesting look at a russian culture dance.


She got the maths...