Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Hello Noisers! Its Wednesday. The day that is smack in the middle of the week. Here to help you through it are some interesting articles/videos/stuff from the interwebz I've picked up along the way. Enjoy!

Its time to save face... Literally.


This is true... every bit of it...

best kickstarter video ever.

Tormented Girlfriend


Friend from highschool needs help. I don't normally put these types of things on here, because I really do want this to be interesting and fun... But sometimes, reality sets in and I want to give you each the opportunity to help a friend of mine. He was always a great person and it saddens me to see him in a nearly helpless place. There is no pressure to give, but if you can know that you are greatly appreciated! click the link to read his story.

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