Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

I Found It On The Internet...

Hey everyone! Its the First day of October... and you know what that means??? You don't? Good, cuz I don't know what that means either. However, today is wednesday! And you know what THAT means right? RIGHT?! Hump day... yes. its hump day. But WHAT ELSE?! THATS RIGHT! Its "I Found It On The Internet..." Day! Here are your tidbits of digital bits for you reading pleasure.

Some people are just dumb.


Let me bedazzle my car...

Out of body for detailed insight?


Assassins Kittens, because you can't spell 'cute' without 'cut'

Trick plays are the most fun.

Living Life like a Boss, (props to Ottermann for submitting this link)


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