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I Found It On The Internet...

As I'm sure you can imagine this blog posting is becoming more difficult to find interesting things... I'll keep going on this until I have nothing to interesting to post that I found on the internet.

2Cellos - thunderstruck.
This is a fantastic video done with 2Cellos covering AC/DC's song Thunderstruck

Homestar runner - yeah... its a throwback, but so many good memories are here...


Fast American Car being tested on NASA runway v=gWAavCjVQvM&

Energy efficiency at Microsoft article. A good (and long) read for the possible future of smart buildings. us/news/stories/88acres/88-acres-how-microsoft- quietly-built-the-city-of-the-future-chapter-1.aspx

Abandoned Hey Dude filming set. Nostalgia and sadness. -abandoned-set-nickelodeons-hey-dude-will-make- nostalgic-sad/

Walmarts future truck. Might as well wait until this thing becomes a magnetic based hovercraft. Its very futuristic looking. walmarts-new-semis-look-like-they-come-from-the- future


Wait... They stole WHAT? Incredible stolen things. 7-biggest-things-ever-stolen.html/? utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=fanpage&utm_campaign= new+article&wa_ibsrc=fanpage

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