Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

I feel good.

My in laws came out from New Mexico to visit us in San Diego a few weeks ago; while they were here, I mentioned that I was doing a podcast on cartoons, movies, etc.

My 12 year old niece looked at me and said, "Can we do a podcast on Phineas and Ferb?"

I stopped and thought about it, and said, "Sure, why not?" I mean, I like Phineas and Ferb - there are a LOT of jokes aimed at adults (for example, one of the parents was a one-hit wonder pop star named "Lindana" during the 80's, and dressed in a cross between Tiffany and Cyndi Lauper - my niece has no idea who either one is). There's Doofenshmirtz with his ridiculous backstories for every invention he creates, and the secret agent who stops him at every turn, a platypus (go figure).

Well, it turns out that, according to my in laws, this has been a good thing for her. I had told her that she needed to bone up on a few things about the show, answer a few questions that I had for her (mainly to get her to think of things we can talk about), and just do a little bit of basic research.


And, well, basically, she's doing homework - gasp! - during the summer! :) The funny thing about this is, my in laws have said that she's not complained about it at all, because as she starts looking into things for Phineas and Ferb, she's learning things about her favorite characters that she didn't know at all (for example, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh used to live in London for a while, and used that inspiration to kick off Lawrence Fletcher, who moved from London and married Linda Flynn, bringing his son, Ferb Fletcher, along with him).

Here I am, being a teacher of sorts to inspire my niece, AND I'm helping her break out of her shyness a bit by talking with me about something she enjoys. And, my wife pointed out that it may help me get more listeners to my show in the form of her aunts, uncles, and other family as they listen to my niece. :)


As was pointed out to me, I should have put in my podcast. (Sadly, it took me about 10 min. to find the spot to click on to "Edit") So, I have included the link below to my website (I apologize that it's simple, I have NO clue how to code in CSS and was trying to just find something that would make it easier to post up my blog/podcast).

Without further ado:

This will bring you to the homepage, where you can see podcast episodes, subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher, or input the RSS feed into your own podcast catcher, and leave comments on the episodes. I will most likely be recording the Phineas and Ferb podcast this Friday, and hope to have it up later that night, but it's coming. :)

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