About 20 days ago, a crowdfunding campaign started for what just might be the most awesome phone in history: the Ubuntu Edge. I am surprised (to say the least) that to this day Gizmodo has not dedicated a single article to it. Why?

Sure, I get it, no-crowdfunding-policy. But then, how do you explain this? In my opinion, the Edge deserves a mention, we deserve to know about its potential existence. And in this case, the Edge might very well need us to realize that existence, you (and by you, I mean the Gizmodo writers) might very well have turned the Edge into vaporware by not mentioning it.

Now to the readers, especially the Ubuntu enthusiasts among you, go check it out if you had not yet heard about it from another source. First of all, it looks gorgeous, at least in my opinion. The specs aren't final, but (at least they say) that's because Canonical very likely wants to use a chipset which right now isn't even available yet. They want this thing to be a spec-beast, and for a very good reason: this thing will not just be a phone. Hook it up to a keyboard, mouse and monitor and it'll beam a full windowed desktop environment with all software you're used to from Ubuntu, and it has to be as powerful as a real pc. On the software side you'll get a dual-boot of Android and the new Ubuntu Touch OS. The desktop convergence will be supported by Android OOTB and by Ubuntu Touch after an OTA update.


I am a bit worried about battery life though. The project opts for the latest battery technology, but even the biggest battery you can cram in there can be drained in a few hours if the hardware is power-hungry enough. And this phone sure sounds like it's gonna be power-hungry. Hopefully my concerns will be proven wrong, but this does remain an uncertainty until someone actually gets their hands on this device. Another downside is that the mouse and keyboard for the desktop convergence will likely have to be wireless (bluetooth), driving their price up; though you can also use the phone itself as a mouse. The supported monitors will be wired and should be connectable to a HDMI port (you may need a conversion cable if it has DVI-out).

If you like this phone and happen to expect to be in the market for a new phone during the second quarter of 2014 (unfortunately it's going to take that long before you'll get this phone), go pledge. I already did, and I don't expect to be disappointed by this phone - if it meets its funding goal.


Of course, if the Edge is not going to meet its funding goal (and it very much looks like it ain't going to) you'll get your money back. But if your expectations of this phone are as high as mine, getting your money back will be a huge disappointment compared to actually getting this thing.

Being a Linux/Ubuntu fanboy, I may be overly enthusiastic about this thing, but you deserve to share in this enthusiasm :)