Well I have owned this phone for a couple weeks and thought I would pitch in a review. Yes there are plenty of reviews already, but mine is special!

No really, I come with the perspective of where you could be a couple weeks after purchasing one after being won over by all the positive gizmodo reviews.

First, I would like to say these forward facing speakers really don't live up to the hype. They are ok... But they lack range and that is the only real justification for the beats equalizer setting. Since beats is pretty much required if you want any noticible bass or treble out of them.

Second, I fully recommend that your next phone has a 1080p screen. Unless of course you have terrible short range focus due to genetics/laser eye surgery etc. Typically I hold my phone about a foot away from my eyes and can clearly read words smaller then I find comfortable. My primary phone use is reading comics, I love love love not having to scroll around.

Third, the ir sensor works great, although I might have to find a third party app since the stock program doesn't like touching my xbox.


Fourth, as I have stated before, I dislike the feel of the phone. And much prefer the warmth/soft radii corners available on pretty much every other phone on the market.

Fifth, the camera works great, I only ever miss the mega pixels when zooming in. But for what it is, low latency and fast shutter speeds mean blurry photos are kept to a minimum.


Sixth, I think I am going to have to root the phone if I can't find a way to disable the first menu frame. It is useless to me and annoying. I feel limited in my number of home screens and can't use all the widgets I like.