At least working in IT around here. I mean, we have the politicking bullshit that any major corporation has...but it's really not until summertime that this place begins to resemble the Whitehouse. You see, it's in the summer that the smokin' hot interns start. And I don't mean ones like this:


I mean these interns are smokin...and for some reason, ALL female. They're given shit work to do, and no resources with which to do it. It's a good time to be the office IT geek for sure because, lets face it, you have the ability to make their lives so much less shitty. Also makes me feel old as hell....but at least the scenery is worth it!


And no, I am not misogynistic in any way, nor do I believe these women were offered their internships because of their looks. The looks are simply an added benefit to those of us who generally stare at cube walls all day.