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How to fix iOS7's broken calendar

Instead of the Jailbroken Apps of the Week, this week I want to mention a very important jailbroken tweak regarding iOS7'S god awful calendar. The ability to see the month and the events at the same time, has been removed, which makes using the app a nightmare.

For vanilla iPhones: You can install iOS7.1 since Apple has mended it's mistakes.

For Jailbroken iPhones: You can't install iOS7.1 without un-jailbreaking your phone. Luckily, there's a fix! Gregorian is the apps name, and it's literally the 7.1 Calendar app simply ported for 7.0. Nothing crazy this week, but christ does it make a difference!

Like we said last week, we can install repositories to grab apps from. They're hosted on 3rd party websites that Cydia can then access. The repo for this app is:
If you really have no clue, here's a tutorial on adding repos to Cydia.


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