Just wanting a poll of your opinions on VR please answer the following questions.

1. Is your computer capable of running VR at a reasonable FPS?

2. If not do you plan on upgrading when/if you purchase a VR headset?

3. Would you make room for something like the HTC Vive?

4. Have you already made room for something like the HTC Vive?

5. Have you had a VR experience yet?

6. Would you purchase AR before VR?

7. Would you purchase both AR and VR?

8. Would you be more inclined to get a headset if it was connected to a game console you already own?

9. Do you think this is a fad that will blow over like 3d tvs? Or is it going to work for the long haul?

10. If money weren't an issue, which headset would you want to own first?