Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

How do you Kinja?

So. How do you Kinja? By this I mean how do you go about browsing the blogs that make up (what’s left) of Gawker Media (now a Univision subsidary...)?

For myself I usually open up first, even though its now just part of Gizmodo. I do this because typing the shortcut to the URL is the easiest. Just hit ‘IO’ and the autofill does the rest. Three quick keystrokes and I’m there.


I’ll then browse the headlines and right click the articles that look interesting to open them in a new tab. Once I’ve got 6 or so open, I’ll then go to read the article in full, browse the comments, add something of my own, (and curse in frustration if I’m still bloody grey on the blog even after all these years...) if I can and then close the tab and move onto the next one.

I keep this up until I reach the point where I’m up to the entries that I left off at the previous day. This is usually only a page or two down because I’m on here a lot... At least a couple of times a day during the week. Weekends slow right down of course as apart from Jalopnik, not much updating is done overall. Its even more annoying in that I’m 12 hours ahead of the US-based Gawker Media and so I don’t get my updates started again until Tuesday effectively...

Anyway, having exhausted I move onto Gizmodo and repeat the process. Then it was onto Gawker but now its Jezebel and finally onto my favourite, saving the best for last, Jalopnik. I don’t read Kotaku or Deadspin as I’m not a Gamer in any form and the sports are all US-based and so not interesting to me. All of this can take 3 -4 hours all up so I often do it all in the evening after work as I crash out in front of the TV.

But hang on! What of Lifehacker, you ask??..! Well remember how I said things all slow down on the weekends? Well I save all of Lifehacker for then. It covers me over the 2-3 day break as I catch up on the week’s entries. It is rather annoying that there is a version and that my browser will default to that. The Australian version Lifehacker only picks the ‘supposedly’ best stories from Lifehacker US and presents them in a vastly different blog format... and it’s crap. Mainly because the Australia Lifehacker moderators/editors don’t even bother... to edit that is. So we get all the US focused story but supposedly for an Australian interest. At least the followers there are quick to point out the foreign bias and poor editing when it happens, not that anybody ever listens. There’s a Gizmodo Australia that does the same thing. It’s crap too.


To get to the US version I have to open an article, it doesn’t matter what, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and then click the Lifehacker/Gizmodo International link which will bring me to the main US-centric blogs. A hassle but nothing else to be done I guess.

So that’s how I Kinja... How about you?

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