Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

I work in a call center. I can't say where until I leave or am let go (which may be sooner rather than later) because I need to keep funds coming in, but today was kind of my breaking point.

My boss pulled me aside and said, "You're taking too many calls and blowing off too many customers who you can help."

"How so? I have customers who want me to tell them how to fix something, so I tell them. Then they don't believe me because they want it to be 1) a quick fix, and 2) they don't want to put any sort of effort into it on their own."

Here's an example: A customer calls up and says, "You're blocking emails coming from I used to get them before, and now they don't come in. Fix it."

"Sir, It's being blocked because multiple people have complained about that company sending spam emails to our customers. So, because of that, we put a block on that address. If you want to have those emails come to you, we ask that you send an email to our spam dept. to have it unblocked. The address is: [REDACTED]. If you send an email there requesting emails from xyzcompany come through, the system will add you to the whitelist and you should start receiving said emails again."

"Look, it came through yesterday, you made a change, YOU fix it on your end!"

So, I've given the customer an option to fix it, but that's unacceptable. I can't tell the customer that this is unreasonable, however, because then that's arguing with the customer, and we're not supposed to argue with the customer or tell them, "Oh well, this is the way it is," when that's pretty much exactly what needs to be said. If I don't give the customer what they think they want, I get a bad score from the customer on a survey and I could get fired. If I tell the customer no, I get in trouble from my boss and could get fired. Catch 22.

My boss came down on me because I wasn't doing the right thing. WTF is the right thing? Then I was told I'm probably going to be written up for this, and that, depending on what my boss's boss said, I could be fired because I've had problems coping with company policy before (I didn't get warm and fuzzy with customers on every single call and be their friends from start to finish - kinda impossible when you have people who don't like being told "no").

My boss told me today that I should go back to school, get my art degree, and go work for Disney. Nice idea in theory - bad in practice. It's going to take 5 years at an accredited art school to get my degree so that Disney will even LOOK at me (I know I can cut it - see my previous post about Dan Povenmire tweeting my Perry the Platypus shirt), but it's that time frame and trying to stay with the call center for the next 5 years while I knock out my degree on a part time basis.

And if I'm unemployed, the lovely state of California doesn't like people going to school to GET an education while they're unemployed. You should be out looking for a job, ANY job, so they can cut off your unemployment. Hell, I might not even GET unemployment if I get terminated...Which puts another horrible spin on things.

I'm really trying to see the bright side of everything in life, but let me tell you, right now, it seems like the bright light I'm seeing is an asteroid falling from space at a million miles an hour to impact me on the head.


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