Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Here's the fence I keep going on about

This is what I do on my vacation... It's not much but it works. I could have done the whole thing in 3 days rather than 6 if the weather hadn't turned so crazy hot. The arches will eventually have vines of some sort. I built the door from scratch last year and the wall went in just before that.


Below are the boulders we threw in a few weeks back. The pile of dirt was left over from various projects. Rather than have it hauled off I put in all back here with a wheel barrow - it beats a flat yard for displaying flowering plants. It's 2.5 feet high and about 20 feet long -held at the back with 4x6 timbers that I spiked together with rebar. It also hides a dog relief area on the left. That area is a pea gravel pit that is lined and drains to the alley when it rains. Plants are new so it's looking a bit sparse right now. When vines of some sort grow over the arches, the space should have a neat sense of depth and I'll get a green backdrop without a tree that can fit there and would cast too much shade for the plants in there. The grass is brown... watering restrictions and high heat. This is why the fires are so bad recently. Last week that was lush green.

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