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Hello from the Weekly Crossthread

Hello Whitenoise, Hackerspace, Groupthink, Tay, ODeck, Backtalk, Oppo, and Clashtalk and welcome to the weekly crossthread. I really enjoy retro-technology, which is much of the reason that I am a fan of these neat lego builds by Powerpig (including great building guides). Looking at these pictures makes me remember the days of buying Compute! so I could look at the back of the magazine where they had programs written in BASIC that you could copy to have your own games on your Vic-20 (like I had) or your Commodore-64 (which I coveted). My favorite part was writing electronic games, in the vein of Legends of Zork, but with swear words. Anyway, how are you doing this week? And what are your nostalgic memory of technology?


PS. I went by this retro-gaming store recently and they had a Virtual Boy (the guy who made this video lives in my little town but I am not sure I have seen him and if I did, I haven't noticed) but they already had sold it to someone else who was willing to pay anything for it. Now I realized what I must do. I must find a Virtual Boy so I can have headaches playing a simplistic red and black version of Mario's tennis.

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