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So... the ladies birthday time has once again rolled around, and yay! She survived another year and I am a huge fan of her's, so that's terrific!

I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with one of the plethora of fitness bands out there? Over the last year she has become an avid runner, and I'm thinking this could be a neat gift idea, as she is more about practical use gifts than the traditional jewelry, flowers, ect. Honestly, this task would be much easier were she more traditional, but back to the point. Anyone had any experience with these? The array of reviews out there outnumbers the selection of brands by a thousand to one, and I can't seem to find a comprehensive review that says "buy this one". She already uses some sort of iPhone jogging app, although I'm not entirely sure what all it does, I assume distance and approximate calorie burn. With that in mind, part two of this question would be, what real advantage do these have over a smart phone jogging app? Thanks guys, you all rock, any thoughts would be helpful.


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