Today is Saturday, October 31st. Halloween. And I am sitting at my desk at work. Why? Because my boss is a cruel, inhuman, evil little Smurf. He makes me work every 4th weekend. How cruel can you get?

Ok....he’s not really cruel. Or inhuman. He’s not evil, and he isn’t a Smurf. But he does make me work every 4th Saturday......

Anyway, today is Halloween. Anybody scared yet? I mean, it is the day when all sorts of evil comes out to play. But guess what? I’m Otter. I’m here to keep you safe this Halloween. If I can stay awake, that is.

Ever heard an owl hoot? Nothing to be afraid of, right? Except, according to superstition, when an owl hoots, it means it is about devour the soul of a recently deceased person. And, according to the same superstition, on Halloween you don’t need to be dead for the owls to eat your soul. On this night, if you hear an owl hoot, it’s about to eat someones soul. And if you can hear it, it might be your soul!


So, whatever can you do to stay safe? Well, don’t go outside, duh! But if you must venture forth into the night, have no fears. Otter is here to tell you how to keep your soul.

What you do is, when you hear an owl hoot, you immediately pull one of your pockets inside out and leave it hanging there. This floppy pocket will scare away any owl hungering for your soul.


What kind of magic does an inside out pocket have?

Damned if I know. But, it must work. I mean, superstitions are all based in fact, right?


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to rest my eyes for 3-6 hours.