I went to my grandmother's funeral on Friday. It was short and to the point; we said our goodbyes, and as much as I'd have liked to say something, I couldn't bring myself to say anything. She knew how I felt though, as did everyone else.

It was funny, though, when we went to go leave - my dad said, "Oh, I'd better grab Kay [my grandmother] and put her in the car!"

My family has always been somewhat superstitious - not overly so, but growing up, my grandmother always believed in ghosts and that if you weren't nice to someone in the family, they'd come back and haunt you.

Here's an example of it:

When I was 18, our family went back to Hawaii to visit family. While we were there, my mom decided to go visit my great-grandfather's grave and leave flowers. So she stopped at a roadside florist, who had 50% off on flowers because they were day old flowers.

My mother bought them, and we took them to the cemetery; as we started to pull up, it started raining. We get out of the car, we put flowers on the gravesite, and it starts POURING.

My grandmother said, "Oh! Daddy's upset that we bought half price flowers! Should've gotten the good ones for him!"


We rush back to the car, still in the torrential downpour, and we're soaked. My mother can barely see out of the window, it's coming down so hard - visibility is so poor that she can't quite see the light colored car in front of us, rear ending them.

Fortunately, it was more of a tap than anything else, there was no damage, but they started to come out of the car and were getting unglued. My grandmother noticed one was some high ranking official in the Navy (my grandmother was in the Marines) and made a comment, apologizing, saying something to the effect of, "I apologize, Admiral!" (at least, I THINK it was an admiral; my mind is not as good as I wish it to be) and they said that it was ok and we went off on our own way.


After the fender bender, the skies clear up and we go on our merry way, with my grandmother saying, "See? Daddy punished us for buying cheap flowers!"

Now, I told you that story to tell you this:

When we left the funeral, my dad grabbed the ashes and I told him, "You had better not put grandma in the trunk, dad! Her ghost might get mad at that and you'll have an accident!"


My family (including my grandmother) all loved the movie National Lampoon's Vacation. So, my father says, "That's ok, we'll just strap her to the roof, a la Imogene Coca."

The people at the funeral home thought we had lost it because we were all laughing hysterically over the thought of strapping my grandmother's ashes to the roof of our car. :)