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Grand Street - why I signed up and why I "unsigned" up

So when I first heard about grand street it seemed like a really cool concept of a website. A site designed for tech lovers looking for stuff that was unusual and generally speaking awesome. And initially I kinda thought that's what it was...until I noticed that after several months I'd yet to see a single thing I had any real intention of purchasing.

Where it went wrong...

So look, we're all the types who like our toys on giz. It kinda goes with the turf. There's a few things, however, that I'm willing to generalize and say that we all dislike: lots of spam email and lots of overpriced crap. So far it seems that is all that Grand St. is really offering, and that's a bit of a disappointment.


Vaporizers...nothing but vaporizers...

So, I guess geeks smoke a lot of weed...but why in the hell does it seem that every time I get a Grand Street email, there's at LEAST one new vape on there, and often more than one? I mean, the target audience IS still what Grand St said it was right? "Grand St. is a place for people who love creative technology."

How it's turned into "thinkgeek" only not as effectively

I admit it. I love thinkgeek. I browse the site periodically and always come away thinking "well, that's not really worth fifty bucks, but if it went on sale it'd be cool to have in my office". Where Grand Street has kinda gone wrong, in my opinion, is that I come away with some of the same feelings on occasion (though not nearly as frequently) and instead of 50 bucks, its 250 bucks, or 180 bucks, or 300 bucks. And even things in the lower down prices (and there don't seem to be many) seem a little silly to me: a 35 dollar water bottle? A pair of cufflinks that are 70 dollars because they contain an LED light? I get it - these are all offerings from independent designers, and perhaps I'm being unfair comparing them to a mass merchant like thinkgeek, perhaps a comparison to etsy would be more appropriate. But...


At the end of the day....

I've found one item on Grand Street that actually made me want it. One item. Those stupid light up cufflinks. I thought they were kinda cool, and if they were 30 bucks I'd probably have bought them by now. At the end of the day however, it's not worth the two to three emails a week that they've been sending me to see more crap I have no interest in. It's not worth spamming me up for items that I can probably find similar equivalents to, for less, on amazon, or ebay, or yes even etsy. Where Grand St fails is in its pure lack of "uniqueness" - and I found this no more prominently pronounced than the day I got an email about a bendable surge strip, and then saw that same strip at Bed, Bath, and Beyond a few hours later.


So, anybody actually buy anything from Grand St? If so, what's that been like and what'd you get? I WANT to like the site, and excessive vaporizers and irritating sponsored posts aside, I'd love nothing more than for someone to convince me to do so!

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